Vehicle Batteries in Clarence, NY, and Beyond

Speaking in terms of electricity, when you have the power, you can do anything. At El-Don Battery Post and Golf Cart Center, we’re committed to helping our customers get what they need to keep things going. When you shop for our vehicle batteries in Clarence, NY, you can feel at ease in knowing you are getting a quality product that will last.

About Our Battery Selection

Our shop is a one-stop resource for batteries. As you will see, we have a power solution for vehicles of all makes and models. We have in-stock batteries for:

  • Auto
  • Commercial Trucks
  • Motorcycles/ATVs
  • Golf Carts
  • Jet Ski/Snowmobile
  • Locomotives
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Security Systems
  • Power Back Up
  • Wheel Chairs
  • Battery Chargers

Additional Battery Types

Our store also sells a variety of commercial batteries for different applications. Here are some other types of battery that we offer on-site:

Valve-Regulated Lead-Acid (VRLA): VRLA batteries offer long battery life with little chance of spillage. They’re used primarily on motorcycles, ATVs, and lawnmowers.

Deep Cycle: A battery with longer sustained use, it’s widely used in golf carts and some electric vehicles. Deep Cycle batteries are also used in maritime applications.

Wet Cell: Wet cell batteries are used in aviation applications because of their large energy storage capacity. These batteries can be recharged and are typically less expensive than VRLAs.

Remember, choosing the right vehicle batteries in Clarence, NY, can make a difference in your device’s performance. If you need a specific type, we may have something that will meet your needs. Feel free to contact our battery store in Hamburg, NY, for more information.